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Several quests and experience further

So last sunday I got to play World of Warcraft and OldSkool Runescape all day long. It was a day I reached the end of the War Campaign quests for my horde Warlock character, atleast as far as possible. Now I need a bit more reputation for the Honorbound (got 8,5K and need 12K) to continue the questline. I'm aiming to get this reputation this week by doing World Quests and hopefully an Emissary quest.

Also in OSRS I had great progress to one of my goals (99 Woodcutting as my first 99 skill). I managed to get 94 and now I have 8 million experience in that skill. So only like 5 million to go. On top of that I had a mate over yesterday and managed to get 400k experience with the minigame Wintertodt. My Firemaking level went from 60 tot 68 and now my total level is 1699. Here I'm aiming for 1750 so I can play in the 1750+ world.

Within Wintertodt we had a run with the following tactic:

Firstly you bring down the boss to like 15-20% energy. Then you gather up on one brazier and start chopping and fletching all the logs to kindlings you can. When the whole party has a full inventory you light the brazier and start clearing your inventory. This is something you repeat untill you are running low on food/brews. When you do run low, you simply light all (4) braziers to finish. Keep in mind you all have to get scores like 500, 1k, 1,5k, 2k, etcetera to reach the best potential rewards. Try aiming as high as possible. Don't bring to much food, since then gathering the points will go very slow. Items I brought: Warm clothing, Dragon hatchet, knife, Thinderbox, hammer, 6 saradomin brews and like 3 maybe 4 jugs of wine. We managed to get 3k points easy (with 2-4 people). My highest was above 4k. My total profit was like 850k.

Today I'll be playing some random time and maybe tonight aswell. Currently I'm doing my slayer task of 177 Black Demons. Since I'm on my laptop at this moment I can't play two games at the same time, so for now no World of Warcraft.

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