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Its been a while since my last post. The reason is me switching jobs. I always wanted to take a next step to management. Now I did get the offer to do so, so I switched. This was last thursday and now I got some time to post again :D.

I did however continue to game. Currently I am level 92 fletching and a total level of 1721 at OldSkool RuneScape! As you may know, I am aiming for 99 fletching and 1750 total level. The thing is, fletching is realy boring and sometimes I will do other skills. SO this will be a slow level 99. At this moment I made 4,8K yew longbows and I still have 45,6K yew longbows and 1,7K magic longbows to go. How long will it take you think?

Btw, what do you think of the OSRS mobile App? Like it?

As for World of Warcraft. We started more and more PvP. Our 2v2 rating is currently 1306 and our 3v3 rating is currently 1114. We are getting there! Soon I will post a first video which will contain some of our games played in the arens. So please keep checking my website for more.

So last thursday I reached level 120 on my second character in World of Warcraft, a Nightborne Warrior. My purpose for this character is to do PvP with my friends. We will be doing battlegrounds and arena's.

My warlock is item level 350+ now so I thought it was time for a new character. Since I played caster for a long time it was time for melee. And so i did chose the warrior. Since I had the allied races unlocked, this is a Nightborne.

We will be doing PvP soon when we have a bit gear. First we aim on getting experience and after that we aim for rankings. I'll try to stream as much as possible via Twitch.

This sunday I reached revered with my last faction of the Battle for Azeroth expansion, The Champions of Azeroth.

After doing alot World Quests and Emissary Quests I finally achieved a goal of mine: Battle for Azeroth pathfinder, part one.

Achievement BfA Pathfinder, part one completed
Achievement BfA Pathfinder, part one completed

Part of this achievement (which I didn't even knew) was the reward: Increased Mount Speed in Kul'Tiras and Zandalar. I'm not sure how much the increase tho. Does anyone of you know how much the increase is?

Anyhow, now my new goal is to reach Exalted with all of the faction. The Honorbound is allready on Exalted. The next one will be The Zandalari Empire. I got this one on 15k reputation towards Exalted.

Today I achieved one more goal of mine, reaching exalted with the faction The Honorbound in World of Warcraft. After doing four World Quests in Kul'Tiras I could deliver my Emissary Quest and got my final 1500 reputation.

The achievement 'Champion of the Honorbound'. Completed by Daaru.'
The achievement 'Champion of the Honorbound'. Completed by Daaru.'

Reaching this one led to another goal. Getting my fifth allied race unlocked, The Mag'har Orc. This quest can be started in Ogrimmar at The Ogrimmar Embassy. After doing a pretty nice storyline in which you need to slay several echo's of raidbosses (for example Gul'dan) devided over several different zones, I got the achievement for this new race.

The achievement 'Allied Races: Mag'har Orc'. Completed by Daaru.'
The achievement 'Allied Races: Mag'har Orc'. Completed by Daaru.'

I do have to say: the fight against the echo's were somewhat easy to do. They only had 490k HP and soloable without any effort (ofcourse with a Voidwalker tank). This part could be more difficult If you ask me. Also quiet handy but also a shame, all of the locations you need to be are somehow reachable with portals.

Completing this part also means a nice little extra, The Mag'har Direwolf mount!

Mag'har Direwolf mount
Mag'har Direwolf mount

Do you like it?

Today it was time for a new Epic World Quest in World of Warcraft. After we done it ourselves a new party full of Alliance players came along to do the same World Quest. Me, the filthy horde :), couldn't let this one go without having a bit fun. I mean it is a war, right?

Hello all,

Yesterday was a new day of gaming. Starting with OldSkool RuneScape and World of Warcraft as always.

As you may know, reaching level 99 woodcutting is a goal of mine. Yesterday I reached level 95! Level 99 is almost there.

Screenshot of me reaching level 95 woodcutting
Screenshot of me reaching level 95 woodcutting

At this moment I have over 26,5k yew logs, 1K magic logs and only 300 Redwood logs. Yes, I'm not going for the fastest way but I do get alot fletching experience when I'm done with these Yew logs.

In World of Warcraft my focus was on gaining reputation and finishing the Ready for War achievement, which is part of the Pathfinder part one. This achievement is done and now I need to focus on the last two achievements.

Pathfinder BfA, part one achievement, progress Danïel
Pathfinder BfA, part one achievement, progress Danïel

If we talk about reputation. It is coming along just fine.

Reputation BfA Danïel, progress
Reputation BfA Danïel

The way I mostly farm the reputation is by doing World Quests in Kul Tiras, missions on my MIssion Table and hope for Emissary Quests. Is there any other way to get reputation for The Honorbound?

I saw I forgot to set a goal on my Goals & Achievements page, Reaching exalted with The Honourbound, The reason for this goal is the new allied race it unlocks, The Mag'har Orcs. I really want to level one to max.

And finally I played a whole different game which I used to play alot but stopped playing for quiet some time now, League of Legends. Currently I'm in Silver V and won 2 matches yesterday. Both matches gave me 25 League Points. So I'm 50 Points to my promotion matches to Silver IV. Here I'll set my goal for reaching the Gold Division. I now played ADC, Jinx. Any ideas on what spot and what champion is good to carry yourself?

So today I found my first epic World Quest in World of Warcraft. Ofcourse I did this one and it was a messy fight. Read: I died like a noob by getting hit twice... But I did manage to get a new epic item! Nice increase and my Item Level went to 323! Almost ready for mythic dungeons. Here is the video of the (not so nicely done) kill.

Somehow this video wont work when I embed it. So thats why I just put the link up.