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Goals and Achievements

During my gaming I set several goals for myself to achieve. Here is my list of goals and below that my list of achievements. I'll add dates so I (and others who like to know it) can track my time spent on achieving the goals.

Goals in progress:

OldSkool RuneScape:

  • 4-9-2018, set goal: Reach level 1750 total. Current level: 1721.
  • 9-10-2018, set goal: Reach level 99 fletching. Current level:92

World of Warcraft:

  • 18-10-2018, set goal: Reach 1400 2v2 Arena rating on my Warrior. Current rating: 1306.
  • 28-10-2018, set goal: Reach 1400 3v3 Arena rating on my Warrior. Current rating: 1114.

League of Legends:

  • 8-9-2018, set goal: Reach Gold Division. Current Division: Silver IV.


World of Warcraft:

  • 11-10-2018 completed goal:¬†Reach level 120 on my second character, Nightborne Warrior. Current level: 120.
  • 23-9-2018 completed goal:¬†4-9-2018, set goal: Complete Pathfinder, part one (BfA).
  • 20-9-2018 completed goal: 8-9-2018, set goal: Reach exalted with The Honorbound. Current reputation: Exalted.
  • 18-8-2018 completed goal: 14-8-2018, set goal: Reach level 120. Current level: 120.

OldSkool RuneScape:

  • 9-10-2018 completed goal: 13-8-2018, set goal: Reach level 99 WC (first 99 skill). Current level: 99.