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Its been a while since my last post. The reason is me switching jobs. I always wanted to take a next step to management. Now I did get the offer to do so, so I switched. This was last thursday and now I got some time to post again :D.

I did however continue to game. Currently I am level 92 fletching and a total level of 1721 at OldSkool RuneScape! As you may know, I am aiming for 99 fletching and 1750 total level. The thing is, fletching is realy boring and sometimes I will do other skills. SO this will be a slow level 99. At this moment I made 4,8K yew longbows and I still have 45,6K yew longbows and 1,7K magic longbows to go. How long will it take you think?

Btw, what do you think of the OSRS mobile App? Like it?

As for World of Warcraft. We started more and more PvP. Our 2v2 rating is currently 1306 and our 3v3 rating is currently 1114. We are getting there! Soon I will post a first video which will contain some of our games played in the arens. So please keep checking my website for more.